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Since 1999 Coastland Enterprises LLC has relied strongly on repeat business, gaining the trust of our clients one by one - building a strong client base. We pride ourselves on modern techniques and equipment. Our goals are to exceed expectations of each client in the areas of trust, quality and the ability to identify costly problems before they arise. Turning over a finished project our clients can be proud of.

The advancement of GPS technologies in the construction industry is revolutionizing the way that site work projects are constructed. Utilizing this technology, we have a fleet of advanced earth-moving equipment capable of running off of GPS. These machines can grade and move dirt to within ¼” tolerance without the use of numerous grade stakes helping make the construction project greatly more efficient.

GPS Gives Real-Time Data

The use of GPS in construction has revolutionized the industry by offering real-time data when and where it’s needed. Through our investment in GPS technology, our crew can accurately measure existing, evolving and final topography before work begins. And our operators can use its sophisticated guidance and automation systems while excavating for faster and more accurate work. The end result being increased efficiency and accuracy resulting in less grade staking, rework and costly delays.

Besides our GPS technology, we have also invested in advanced construction management software to seamlessly integrate all the functions of a project from start to finish. By streamlining project communications and tracking, the cost to complete each project is well managed and day to day production analyses is conducted in real-time.

What this means to our customers:

  • We can perform earthwork operations and placement of dirt faster – helping to speed up the construction cycle.
  • We can perform layouts for utilities and building foundations quickly and accurately to also speed up the construction cycle.
  • We can accurately predict the specific cuts and fills of dirt on site to ensure the earthwork will balance – ensuring no costly change orders if there is a need to export / import material
  • We can perform earthwork operations more cost effectively by greatly reducing the need for highly priced land surveyors
  • We can accurately predict quantities of material that are needed for import.